Each set is given a class counselor, who is an academic staff of the school.
The class counselor is in charge of registering students of that set when they report (after collecting their admission letter and receipt of school fees).

The class counselor also liaises with the management in planning the orientation program of new students. The class counselor of a set is fully responsible for the coordination of that set. All complaints, permission seeking etc. is to be channeled through the class counselor of that set.

The class counselor would advice the student (s) on what to do and if need be would forward their request (s) to the appropriate management office. Each set shall select a representative and an assistant. Anyone found to be uncooperative with the class management shall be warned in the first instance. A repeat shall result in two weeks suspension. Further repeat may lead to termination from training if recommended by the disciplinary committee.

It is mandatory for all students to appear in the approved uniform while undertaking lectures in the school or clinical posting. The students are advised to follow strictly the rules governing wearing of uniform (e.g. wearing of brown covered shoes with low noiseless soles only with uniform, strips on caps for females and sleeves for men to identify their set.
Only simple jewelries (ear ring with stud) should be worn with uniforms. Married men and women are allowed to wear their wedding/engagement rings alone.

All incoming letters for students are to be collected from the students affairs office. Registered mails and parcels are usually collected on behalf of students and individual owners are notified to collect same from the student affairs officer. Students who receive postal orders or slips should have them stamped using the schools official seal and signed by the student affairs officer.

Students are advised to read the notice board regularly as important notices that affect individually or collectively are always pasted on the notice boards. Students who fail to read the notice board always miss important messages.

Holiday: students are entitled to 3 weeks annual holiday for basic programs and 2 weeks for the post basic programs.