The school has the following standing committees:

1. School Management Committee:
Ensures the effective running of the school and formulates policies that will enhance effective teaching/learning in the school.
The committee prepares/reviews school rules and regulations for students to comply.
It also organizes programs that will promote learning and continuing education among staff.

The principal is the chairperson of the committee while the Vice Principals and heads of department are members.

2. Education/Curriculum Review/Implementation Committee:
Plans the academic calendar, reviews the curriculum when necessary and monitors staff to meet up with the objectives of the school academically.
The vice principal academics is the chairperson while the HODs, exam officer and academic planning officer are members.

3. Examination Committee:
Prepares for and conducts school examinations.
The committee is responsible for coordinating the marking of scripts and compilation of results.
It deals with the registration for professional examination and registration as general nurses.
The committee also deals with matters relating to the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria as it concerns examinations, registration, certification, prepares transcript on request and releases certificates to graduates of the school on collection from NMCN.

Members of the committee are the vice principal academics (chairperson), examination officer, assistant examination officer, vice principal administration and the principal school of nursing.
The NMCN Focal Person is also a member of the Exam Committee

4. Student Affairs Committee:
This committee attends to matters affecting student’s welfare.
It monitors the activities of the national association of student nurses and midwives in the school and handles the student union government issues in the school.
Its chairperson is the student affairs officer. The assistant students affairs officer is a member of the committee.

5. Research Committee:
This committee is responsible for screening student’s research topics and allocates students to their individual research supervisors.
It also coordinates the students project defense and ensures that students become computer literate for effective research writing.
The committee is headed by the research coordinator.
There are other lectures assigned to serve in this committee too.

6. Nursing Procedure Committee:
This committee is headed by the HOD nursing.
Its duties include the reviewing of the procedure manual periodically and ensure proper implementation of the content of the manual.
They also make sure the procedure manual is made available to every student on admission into the school.

7. Disciplinary Committee:
The members of this committee deliberate on specific matters relating to students misconduct whether inside or outside the school or the clinical areas and make disciplinary recommendations to the principal for ensuring that school rules and regulations are made available to every student on admission.

The committee is headed by the vice principal administration.
The student affairs officers, students union president, class counselor of affected student, student affairs officer of the facility where applicable and matron in-charge of the students hostel.

8. Environmental Sanitation Committee:
This committee is to ensure safety and cleanness of the environment.
It also has the responsibility of formulating polices on the control of infection within the school and students hostel.
They ensure that the level of hygiene is up to standard.

It is headed by an academic staff. The other members are the assistant hostel matron and the head of head health attendants.

9. Sports Committee:
This committee is responsible for preparing comprehensive sporting activities for the students.
The members plan a timetable for sporting activities in the school and outside annually. They ensure that sporting facilities are provided and effectively utilized.
The committee is headed by an academic staff and has other members.

10.Hostel Management Committee:
This committee is chaired by the vice principal administration.
It is responsible for handling all maters related to students accommodation, assigns the floor captains and ensures healthy living in the hostel.
The committee also deals with security issues in the hostel.
Other members are the student affairs officer, hostel matron and an academic staff.

11.Welfare Committee:
This committee handles all matters concerning staff welfare, prepares byelaw on welfare packages, arranges and ensures that the welfare packages are administered accordingly.
It is also responsible for arranging end of the financial books and accounts of the committee.