The school provides accommodation for students and it is compulsory for all students.

All the students of the institution are eligible for accommodation.
To obtain an accommodation, a student is expected to pay his/her school fees within the specified days for registration. Rooms are allocated on the basis of first come first served. Students provide their own beddings while the school provides beds, mattresses, pillows and room furniture.

In addition, students are expected to bring into the school the following items;
a) Buckets (2)
b) Mosquito nets (1)
c) Bed sheets (2)
d) Pillow cases (2)
e) Blanket (1)
f) Broom and mop (1 each)
g) Dustin bin (1)

These are shown to the hostel matron on arrival during the registration week.

A video machine and television set are available in the students common room. Students are responsible for their own laundry.

Hostel Administration
The administration of hostels is the responsibility of the hostel management committee.
The hostel matrons take charge of the daily affairs of the hostel which includes the supervision of junior staff allocated to the hostels, supervision of contract cleaners and security and maintenance of discipline within the students. She is answerable to the Vice Principal Administration/Principal.

The cleaning and tidying of the hostels are done by the hostel cleaners and wardens.
Each floor of the hostel has a floor captain, who is a student, and is responsible for the welfare of other students on that floor as well as proper maintenance of the floor.
The matrons and floor captains report any matter pertaining to the hostel to The Hostel Management Committee Chairman who takes immediate action.

Hostel Regulations
Student's Conduct
1) All students are expected to be in their respective hostels at 10:00pm.

2) Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who sleeps out without permission. This may be in form of verbal, written warning or even ejection from the hostel.

3) Students request for permission to travel out of town must also include a forwarding address to the principal. The principal will use his/her discretion to approve/disapprove student's application to travel out of town.

4) Sleeping out: students must obtain, complete and submit sleep out slips or forms provided by the hostel matron before they are allowed to sleep outside the hostel. Violation shall result in ejection from the hostel.

5) Hostel gates are closed at 10:00pm on week days and 11:00pm on weekends. All lights are put out by 11:30pm on weekdays.

6) Late pass: A student could be allowed late pass up to 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays only with the permission of the principal provided they are not on duty at 7:00am the next day. Students are expected to sign the late pass register before leaving the hotel. Violation shall result in ejection from the hostel.

7) Night off: students may be allowed to spend nights off or days off outside the hostel only on approval.

8) Male students must never enter female students room female students too, must not enter male student room.

9) Students must not admit visitors into their hostel and all visitors are to be received in the visitor’s room. Visiting time is 4pm - 6pm on weekdays, 8am – 6pm on weekends. Visitors are not allowed at any time in the student nurses hostel rooms for security reasons.

10)The student’s common room shall serve as recreation/leisure room for students only.

Health Matters
11) All sick students are to report to the school sick bay nurse at 8:00am on Monday to Fridays. Emergency cases should be reported to the Hostel Matron and then reported to the hospital immediately.

12. All students are expected to see the school Doctor at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital or his/her appointee when they are sick.

13. No student Is allowed to see any private medical practitioner without notifying the school authority.

14. Only excuse duty certificates from approved Government hospitals and signed by a qualified Doctor shall be honored.

15. Excuse duty certificate from any other Doctor must be countersigned by the hospital staff/school Doctor or his appointee.

16. In emergencies after 2:00pm the students should see the Doctor on duty; however, excuse duty certificate from an emergency will need to be countersigned by the doctor at UATH.

17. Excuse duty certificates shall be properly stamped and sent to the school through the class counselor for documentation.

18. All refuse should be placed in the bin provided and lids properly placed.

19. Papers, empty tins and fruit peelings must not be left in bedrooms or around the compound.

20. Students are requested to leave bathroom and toilets clean and tidy after use. Only toilet paper or water is to be used in the toilets. Native (fiber) sponge must not be used in bathrooms as they often cause blockage of drainage system.

21.Students are expected to take full responsibility for the safety of their personal property. The school will not be held responsible for any loss of item.

22.Students are expected to be responsible for the school properties issued to them.

23.For the purpose of maintaining school inventory of furniture, no student is allowed to change room at will.

24.A student can be permitted to change if the hostel matron finds it necessary for the student to change the room.

25.Changing a room does not mean changing the items in the room. If chair, mattress, bed, locker or desk is to be moved to any other room, permission must be sought from the hostel matrons.

26.Each student is entitled to use one item each as listed ad underlined in No. 25 above.

27.In a situation where a students brings in a mattress, official notification must be made in the relevant file so that when leaving the hostel clearance will be given.

28.Only the student union president is privileged to use a room alone.

29.In the event of damages and other breakages or loss of items, the identified student(s) involved in causing such will be held responsible. Where it is not possible to disclose the person(s) involved, it will be considered as a conspiracy and those found in the immediate surroundings are to share the blame.

30. Any student(s) causing disturbance to other students would be ejected from the hostel (s) instantly.

31. Radio/television/video/DVD should not be turned to high pitch or in such a manner that will constitute nuisance to others.

32. The hose reels installed in all blocks of the main hostels are meant for emergencies specifically fire outbreak. All students are therefore instructed to stop using the hose reels for fetching water. There are taps for such purpose and they should be used always.

33. The use of heavy electrical appliances such as electric stoves and coils are strictly prohibited in the hostels. Cooking in the bedroom is also not allowed. Students wishing to cook may do so out their bedrooms.

34. Water taps and electric switches should be put of when not in use.

35. All students are strictly advised to take note of the following:
a) Washing and spilling of water in any form is strictly prohibited anywhere in the hostels other than the places provided for such purposes. Indiscriminate writing is also prohibited e.g. on the doors, windows or walls within the hostel premises.

b) Weekly/monthly inspection will be introduced in all the hostels and at the end of each year, the best hostel/block will be awarded a prize. To win the prize, any hostel/block must excel all other hostel/blocks in the following aspects:-
I. General cleanliness of the students themselves including their rooms and the hostel/block surroundings.
II. Observing both the school rules in general as well as the hostel rules and regulations at all times.
III. Maintaining peaceful and harmonious co-existence with everybody in the school.
IV. Decent and satisfactory level of moral behavior.

36. It is an offence for any student to take his/her meal in the classrooms, practical room etc. all meals must be eaten in the room.

37. Hawking of any kind in the school premises is strictly prohibited.

38. Successful final year students or students who drop out or who are withdrawn from training are required to vacate the hostels within 7 days of release of their results. This should be preceded by a clearance from the clinical areas and the school instruction to the hostel matron to check the student out the hostel.

39. Students who have exhausted their 3 years stay for basic nursing training or 18months post basic nursing training but are yet to sit for the professional examination are expected to move out of the hostel and stay off campus until the end of the program. Squatting is not allowed. Violation of this rule attracts instant ejection of the student harboring the squatter from the hostel.

40. Hostel accommodation is compulsory for all students except nursing mothers who can move back into the hostel after weaning their babies. Babies are not accommodated in the hostel

41. Married students must present evidence of marriage on admission. A student who gets married during the course of program cannot effect a change of name until after the professional exam.

42. Any fire outbreak should be reported to the hostel matron and the school authority immediately. In case of escalated emergency situation, hostel students are to assembly at the designated muster point ( the open field in front of the hostel) and those in the the classroom complex should assemble at the muster point in front of the school gate.

43. Students and their guests must not be seen loitering around the school/hostel premises more especially after visiting time. Any student caught loitering within these specific areas in whatever form will be disciplined accordingly

44. students are not allowed to hold their traditional marriages/weddings while on block studies/clinical experiences. This can only be allowed during scheduled vacation.

45. Finally, all students are hereby reminded that maintenance or order, peace and security of the hostel is not the sole responsibility of the captain alone, but a collective responsibility. Whenever you are in difficulty, feel free to present your problem in the correct manner. The school is committed to seeing to your welfare and security.