During orientation period, the new students are taken to the library and given lectures on how to use the library. The library maintains a reference section to help the students and staff in providing ready reference and information services.

The opening hours for the library from Monday to Friday are between 8:00am to 6:00pm and from 8:00am – 12pm on Saturdays.

Library rules and Regulations:
1. Students and staff are allowed to borrow only 1 book at a time for students and 2 only at a time for staff and must be returned not later than 7 days (for students) and two weeks for staff. Fines are levied on overdue books. No person shall be allowed to borrow any book or any other material until they have been properly charged out.

2. The following materials are for use in the library only; reference books, books on temporary reserve, manuscripts and microfilms and research projects.

3. It is a serious offence to remove or damage any part of a book or periodical.

4. On leaving the library, all library users must surrender their books and papers to the library officials at the entrance for inspection.

5. Library users must not attempt to put books back on the shelves. Once taken off the shelve, the books should be left on the tables.

6. Admission of students into the library is granted only on the production of an identity card. No student will be allowed into the library without this card.

7. No briefcase or handbags are allowed in the library.

8. Smoking, eating, drinking, spitting and group discussion are prohibited in the library.

9. Animals or children below 8 years (unless escorted by an adult) are not allowed into the library.

10.Silence must be observed in and around the library at all times.

11. Reading tables and chairs must not be moved from their position.

12. Library users should not reserve seat in the library.

13. Any seat not physically occupied can be used by another person.

14. Library users are advised to take away their belongings and books whenever they are leaving the library.

15. The library officer reserves the right to suspend any person from using the library for neglect of these rules.

a room is reserved for keeping old documents of students who have graduated from the school. Such documents include students file, client care study etc. the archives is under the custody of the schools Librarian.