Student's Union:
The student union known as the National Student Nurses and Midwives Association of Nigeria, FCT Branch, recognizes all students of the school as members. It serves as the official mouthpiece of the students.

The activities of the union are guided by a constitution which is made available to the student on request.
The functions of the association include among others:
• To serve as an effective means of training in mature leadership
• To project the student image
• To promote and maintain unity among its members
• To offer advises to school where necessary.
• To serve as channel of communication between students and school authority.

The association has two governmental bodies, the Executive Council and the Parliament.
The Executive Council consist of the following officers.
1) President
2) Vice president
3) Secretary – general
4) Asst. Secretary – general
5) Treasurer
6) Financial secretary
7) Public relations officer
8) Director of social media
9) Director of sport
10) Director of special duties
11) Welfare officer
12) Auditor general
13) Director of water/environment & sanitation

The tenure of office is one year after which an election is conducted to elect new officers.

The details of the Students Union and its activities can be found in the constitution which the students are advised to possess.

Religious Organization
There are two religious organizations which are:
• Fellowship of Christian Nurse (F.C.N)
• Muslim students society (M.S.S) and

These organizations promote understanding and spiritual welfare of their members.

Other associations include:
a. Magazine Association
b. Red Cross Society
c. Dramatic Group

Notice for formation/establishment of any club should be directed to the school authority through the Student Affairs Office.

Permission to use the school facilities for any function organized by students and students organizations must be in writing to the school through the Student Affairs Officer at least 14days before the date of the occasion.

The request for such permission must state the nature of the activity, the starting and expected closing time. A tentative program should be attached.

The school reserves the right to cancel permission to stage any activity when student organization fail to follow school guidelines for such activities or the activity clashes with academic activity.

All social activities organized by students and taking place in any approved part of the school must stop by 12 midnight unless an extension of time had already been obtained from Student Affairs Office.

Any association found to be operating against the interest of National/school security, public safety, public morality, public order or health, the Nursing profession, or in such a way that is criminal, destructive or unlawful shall be proscribed and members be suspended or dismissed from the school as the case may be determined. .