At the end of every block, students are posted to clinical areas for practical experience
1. University of Abuja teaching hospital, gwagwalada
2. FCT Hospitals in Wuse, Maitama, Asokoro.
3. Federal Neuro-Psychiatric and national eye center in kaduna (psychiatry & ophthalmic experiences)
4. Field trips to Lower Usman Dam, Idu Sewage Disposal Facility, Pharmaceutical Research Institution and other organizations deemed relevant by the school.

At the end of the training the students should have been exposed to the following areas:
1. Medical unit
2. Surgical unit
3. Pediatric unit
4. Ophthalmic & psychiatric unit
5. Accident & emergency unit
6. Gynecologic unit.
7. Obstetric unit
8. Theatre
9. Out patient unit

In addition, the students are expected to gain experience in community health. Areas for Community Health Experiences include communities in the Federal Capital Territory as a whole as the coverage area. Hence, if there is accommodation, all Area Councils would be used.
The school health experience involves the use of the primary and secondary schools in Gwagwalada Area Council.

The books are signed and recommended by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria for use in all Schools of Nursing.
These books should be signed by tutors and staffs in the clinical areas during the students clinical postings.
It is imperative for students to have these books up to date and signed prior to leaving any clinical post.

Students Conduct and Discipline while in Clinical Setting
1. Students are expected to exhibit good qualities as demanded by the profession. They should uphold the ethics of the profession at all times.
2. Students should always appear neat and smart in the approved uniform.
3. Students should treat their seniors with dignity and respect.
4. They should be punctual to duty and never close before the approved closing time.
5. While on duty, they should take part in all ward activities, particularly those assigned to them by ward managers or ward- based instructors.
6. They should use the record of training book as guide and must remember to have it signed by the ward managers/in-charge at the end of the posting.
7. Lateness, closing before time or absenteeism is a serious offence punishable either by staying extra time or denial of duty-offs or serving of warning letter to the student depending on the gravity of the offence.