Welcome Address from the Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

It is a delight for me and the entire staff of the FCT School of Nursing to welcome you to this noble institution. I sincerly hope that you will enjoy your stay with us as you take your first steps in fulfilling your quest to become professional nurses.

Nursing is a discipline that requires special skills, knowledge, an understanding and a caring heart. It is a noble and humanitarian profession which involves mainly caring for the sick or well individuals.

Nursing as a profession has advanced over the years, becoming more specialized, scientific and technical just like its counterparts in all the health related fields. Hence nursing requires an advanced level of education which I belive you would have acquired at the end of your training here.

It is our objective in the FCT School of Nursing to provide you with a stable environment that values, nurtures and delivers sound educantion, encourages research, instills clinical experience and high standsards in delivery of nursing care. It is also the aim of the school that you benefit from the interdisciplinary collaboration it maintains with all stakeholders in the health industry as this is the pivot of the excellence expected.

Therefore there is a need for you to demonstrate certain qualities which are expected from someone who has chosen the path of caring for the sick, which is more of a calling than a means to obtain wealth. These qualities are honesty, decency, politeness and a demonstration of skills that differentiates you from non-members of the profession.

I want to remind you of the great task ahead of you as you commence your training programme and plunge into the field of nursing. There are four basic responsibilities of a nurse which should serve as your basic guidelines. They are:
Promotion of health
Prevention of disease
Alleviation of suffering
Conservation of life.

These can only be achieved if you imbibe the qualities mentioned earlier and strive to attain a great level of competence. There is need for you to learn to accept responsibilities, be resourceful, acquire wisdom, communicate effectively, show integrity and develop an intelligent mind. Then only can you be entrusted with the safety and security of the people and patients etc.

Once again, I want to welcome you and wish you the best of luck during the course of your stay as a student nurse in the FCT School of Nursing.

FCT School of Nursing.

The Staff

Lakareks James


Yakubu Abdulganiyu A.

Vice Principal, Administration

Babajide Stephen

Vice Principal, Academics

Kigbu Job Yaro

Examination Officer