Schedule of Offices

There are schedules of duties for officers in the school. These schedules are headed by key officers of the school as follows:
1. Principal
2. Vice principal administrative
3. Vice principal academics
4. Student affairs officer
5. Examination officer
6. Academic planner and time table officer
7. Librarian
8. Class counselor

1. Principal: is the chief administrative officer of the school, serves as the accounting officer of the school and oversees the day-to-day running of the school.

The principal delegates where necessary any duty to the vice principals and is the chairperson of the management committee and member of the examination committee.

2. Vice Principal Administration: is the second in command of the school and deputizes for the principal.
The vice principal administration stands in for the principal in her absence where possible and serves as the staff affairs officer.

The vice principal administration is also a member of the school management committee, examination committee and chairperson of the hostel management and disciplinary committees.

3. Vice Principal Academics: is the third in command and serves as chairperson for academic related committees.
The vice principal academic supervises staffs and students on objectives academically.

He/she is also a member of the school management and examination committees, and supervises the academic calendar, timetable for lectures and assigns staff for clinical supervision.

4. Student Affairs Officer: is a member of the school management committee as well as hostel management committee.
He/she keeps records of all students and is the secretary of the disciplinary committee.

The student affairs officer is the gateway through which former and current students; and student organizations communicate with the school authority.

5. Examination Officer: he/she coordinates issues concerning school examinations and is a member of the education and curriculum review/implementation committee.
The examination officer organizes local and national exams as well as keeps all academic records of students, prepares and issues out results of students after each examination, prepares and issues out transcripts to institutions on request.

6. Academic Planner And Timetable Officer: prepares the class lecture timetable and shares same to lecturers and classes concerned.
He/she is also responsible for planning the academic programs of the school and prepares the scatter gram.

7. Librarian: The librarian is in-charge of the school library as well as a member of the school management committee.
The librarian also teaches use of library, research and statistics.

8. Class Counselor: The class counselor is in charge of a set of students.
He/she coordinates the students and relays any form of communication from the management to the students of that particular set and vice versa.
The class counselor also counsels the students regularly, offering helpful advice where necessary.