On admission, each student is given an approved training regulation booklet and requested to study the regulations carefully as well as adhere to them strictly throughout the period of training. The student is to sign a copy containing these regulations thus indicating his/her willingness to obey all the rules. The signed copy will be countersigned by the principal and kept in his/her file.

These regulations include:

1) Training Allowance
Students will be paid a fixed training allowance monthly. Students are therefore not on permanent and pensionable appointment.

2) Textbooks
The provision of textbooks, notebooks etc. is the sole responsibility of the individual student throughout the period of training.

3) Vacation
Basic students will be entitled to three (3) weeks vacation annually, while the post basic students are entitled to two (2) weeks vacation. No vacation grant will be paid. Vacation periods are indicated in the school calendar. Any student who over spends any leave will face disciplinary action except if genuine reason is presented.

4) Communication with headquarters/organization
All students should seek clearance from the principal through the students affairs office before going to the headquarters (FCTA).
Such student if permitted must be in uniform and accompanied by the class counselor.
Violation will attract appropriate disciplinary action.
It is an offence punishable by expulsion or suspension for any student, club, society, union or any group of students acting as a group or acting as individuals to communicate with the ministry of other government functionaries, public figures and external agencies or organizations without obtaining prior permission from the principal.

5) Punctuality/lateness/absences
All students are expected to be punctual at lectures and at duty posts. Reporting time to lectures and clinical areas are :
a) Classes: 8:00am – 3:00pm
b) Morning duty: 7:00am – 2:30pm
c) Evening duty: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
d) Night duty: 9:00pm – 7:00am

Any student who fails to report to work on time would be made to stay and make up for the missing time at the end of his/her shift.

Any student who absents himself/herself from the classroom or clinical area without official permission is to make demotion or withdrawal from training.

Students who have to be absent in clinical areas should apply through the student affairs officer of the hospital. Such applications should be sent to the school for approval and record purposes.

It is pertinent here to remind students of the importance of the Nurse decree, 1970 which stipulates that excess leave beyond 28days a year represents a break in training and would lead to demotion.

6) Uniforms
All students must be in proper uniform while on duty or in block. Students who fail to appear in proper uniform will be sent back home to dress up properly or have the particular wrong uniform seized.

7) In-subordination
Reports of disrespect, disobedience, in-subordination to superior officers will not be tolerated.

8) Stealing/forgery
All cases of cheating, forgery, stealing will lead to dismissal.

9) Damage to school property
Intentional breakages/destruction of equipment and articles of the school or hospital must be paid for in full by the student.

Students must not be pregnant at the time of admission.
Any student who becomes pregnant at any stage of training shall continue in her training but would not be entitled to maternity leave. If she is out of training as a result of pregnancy for a total of 28 days, she would be demoted.

11.Demonstration/strike actions
All forms of demonstration and strikes have been banned by N&MCN (Ref Circular letter No. N&MCN.N/041/1/108 of September 1981).
The school authority will be willing at all times to enter into dialogue with the students body when the need arises. Students will face dismissal for any act of sabotage, inciting other students to strike/demonstrate.

No student is allowed to bring alcoholic substance into the premises (hostel, school) and clinical area.
Any student found drunk or in possession of alcoholic substance on premises shall be demoted to the next lower set in the first instance with a warning letter issued and if the act is repeated shall be dismissed from training.
The same goes for smoking and substance abuse in the premises.

On no account should a student collect money from patients/clients relations for drugs or related items. Violation will result in punishment.

Secret cult is strictly forbidden in the school. Any student found practicing activities resembling that of a cultist will be expelled from the school.

Any student who sets fire on the property (books, uniforms, etc) of another student shall be dismissed from training.

16.General conduct
Any behavior detrimental to the good name and progress of the school will lead to dismissal, e.g. intoxication, fighting, etc. Eating or chewing in the classroom/ward is punishable. Negligence of patients needs while in clinical areas shall lead to demotion.

Warning letters
Students are hereby reminded that the issuing of warning letters is considered very serious and will not be served on any student on more than three occasions throughout the period of training. If it becomes necessary to issue another warning letter, the student will be dismissed from the training.